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    Inexpensive College Degrees

External Degree Programs

What "External" Degrees Are     History of External Degrees
Validity of External Degrees     The Importance of "Accreditation"
Who Can Earn External Degrees     Entrance Requirements
Social Considerations of Ext. Degrees     How Long it Takes to Earn an Ext. Degree
Difficulties of Earning an Ext. Degree     Sources of Credit for Ext. Degree Programs
The Colleges Offering Ext. Degrees     Choosing Between Schools With Ext. Degrees
Concentrations Available

Business Accounting
Finance Marketing
Human Services, Administration
Human Services, Applied Behavioral Science
Human Services, Health Studies
International Business
Management of Human Resources
Management Information Systems
Operations Management

Humanities & Arts
History History History of Art
Language & Literature Foreign Language & Literature (non-Western)
Foreign Language & Literature (Western)
Literature Literature in English
German Spanish
Music Music Music History
Music Theory  
Other Humanities    

Liberal Arts
Applied Arts Area Studies

Natural Sciences
Biology Chemistry
Geology Mathematics

Social Sciences
Anthropology Economics
Geography Philosophy
Political Science Psychology
Religious Studies Sociology

Applied Science and Technology Communications
Computer Information Systems Computer Science
Computer Software Computer Technology
Electronics Technology Fire Science Technology
Nuclear Technology Technology (with Specialty)
Technology and Management

Non-Categorized Concentrations
Interdisciplinary Studies Nursing


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